Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Kyrandia But Could Never Get Anyone To Tell You

a Kyrandia MajorBBS walkthrough

5/30/14 Enjoy a list of spells and a slightly more permanent domain name. I'm working on inputting the descriptions for each level, since a kind soul sent me all of the Dude-Wizard looks. Ladies I only have saved up to level 10ish, I think; still digging through my logs.

4/1/14 Not actually a prank, though that would have been hilarious: the key for the Dragon Castle now exists! At least, the parts of it I have notes for. If anybody has a line on telnettable BBS running Kyrandia, let me know and I can finish up some other stuff (like descriptions for the various wizarding levels, which are actually kind of interesting).

3/26/14 Hopefully now this is slightly easier to read. I figure if I'm going to get linked on an official source, I should maybe try and make this slightly easier to use. A full key for the Dragon Castle is coming, eventually! Until then, enjoy some delicious jquery tooltip action.

7/22/08 The walkthrough is now complete. Hooray! Man, like twenty years of my life is in this crap. The maps are almost done -- I need to add the key for the Dragon Castle. Otherwise, it's usable and workable. If you use this and have any questions or changes, please let me know? You can contact me via gtalk arolaide, or arolaide [at] gmail [dot] com.





abbracada8Some kind of protection, seems to work pretty well
allbettoo17You feel strengthened--protection from dying on fire mage level?
blowitawa5disintegrates a random item of the target
blowoutma12Destroys all possessions of a target!
bookworm21Mysterious. Doesn't work. Needs a book?
burnup6ball of fire and a fiery explosion.group attack?
cadabra4eyes glow red--see invisible?
canthur16Feel like you're going to drop dead.instant death spell?
chillou20Fizzles out--something is missing. An item?
clutzopho5makes someone drop everything
cuseme3tells how much many spell points a target has
dumdum17Target forgets all spells memorized
feeluck10Random teleport!
firstai10Massive healing (25 points)
flyaway10Turns you into a pegasus
fpandl24 points of damage (red bolt)
freezuu14Large chunks of ice fly across the room...group attack?
frostie816 points of damage (dense blue mist)
frozenu7Small chunks of ice fly across entire room.group attack?
frythes1122 points of damage (red bolt)
gotcha918 points of damage (lightning)
goto13Teleport--but not into castle
gringri12Transforms into an ugly pseudo-dragon (capable of flight)
handsof1Protection of green energy- item damage protection.
heater7Encased in a tomb of ice- no apparent effect. Protection from ice
hehhehh22Fizzles out--something is missing. An item?
hocus18Fizzles out--something is missing. An item?
holyshe1724 points of damage--lightning bolt
hotflas8A small blue ball begins to form
hotfoot12ball of fire and a fiery explosion.group attack?
hotkiss510 points of damage (large red bolt)
hotseat3Large wall of ice surrounds you- no apparent effect. Protection from ice
howru2Tells how many hit points the target has
hydrant6Large wall of fire--protection from fire (Red Bolt protection)
ibebad24Fizzles out--something is missing. An item?
icedtea15Group attack of ice chunks, 20 points of damage
iseeyou3Eyes glow red--see invisible?
koolit36 points of damage (blue mist)
makemyd8Surrounded by a dull green light - used to lvl up, may be stronger item protection as well
mower7Removes all items on the ground in your room
noouch1Small healing (4 points)
nosey5Tells you what spells the target has memorized.
peepint7Has to do with spying on other players.
pickpoc8Presumably steals an item from a player
pocus12 points of damage (small red flash)
polarba13Cold freeze fills the room, encasing you in ice--protection from cold?
sapspel< 27Drains some magic. Makes determining its cost vs. amount drained impossible, but both together add to 27.
saywhat6Target forgets one spell
screwem16Rumbling earth effects. I was protected by some spell.
smokey2Wall of fire surrounds you. Protection from fire?
snowjob1020 points of damage (large blue vapor cloud)
sunglass1Lightning bolt hits you with no effect (protection from lightning)
surgless8Lightning bolt hits you with no effect (protection from lightning)
takethat< 12Drains some magic. Makes determining its cost vs. amount drained impossible, but both together add to 12.
thedoc5Medium healing (12 points)
tiltowait24Fizzles out--something is missing. An item?
tinting8Bright blue lightning bolt hits you with no effect (protection from lightning?)
toastem18Fizzles out--something is missing. An item?
weewillo7Turns you into a will-o-wisp
whereami6Gives you the coordinate of your room
whopper12Engulfed in a large explosion that disappears almost instantly.
whoub3Reveals someone's true identity
zapher48 points of damage (lightning bolt)
zelastone?Lots of damage--but killed me, so I don't know exactly how much


Nota bene: hitting the edge of the map warps you to a random square. SO DON'T DO IT.

Nota bene the second: the ancient grave (17) is kind of a bermuda triangle -- you skip right over it going south.

170 171
43 36 80 81 101 102 122 123 22 145 168
35 55 79 82 100 103 37 124 144 146 167
54 56 78 27 99 104 121 125 143 26 166
53 57 77 83 29 30 31 126 40 147 165
52 15 76 84 98 105 120 127 142 18 164
51 58 39 85 21 106 25 128 42 148 163
34 59 75 86 97 107 119 17 141 149 162
50 60 12 87 28 108 118 129 140 13 161
49 61 74 3 96 109 8 9 139 150 160
24 23 62 73 2 4 5 6 7 138 151 19
48 63 72 1 95 110 10 11 137 152 159 33
47 64 71 0 94 111 117 130 136 153 38
46 65 70 88 93 112 116 131 135 154 158
45 66 69 89 92 113 115 20 134 14 157
44 67 68 90 91 16 114 132 133 155 156


Be warned: this map makes no sense. Like, at all. Once you leave the beach it is almost impossible to get back TO the beach, and every square of forest is its own little world. In order to leave the island, you need to re-cast 'flyaway' and travel east from 191 -- you'll hit the grassy beach that way, and can go south to the sandy beach.

210 211 212 213 214
209 208 207 206 205
200 201 202 203 204
199 198 197 196 195
191 192 193 194


Absolutely do not under any circumstances AFK in the Dragon Castle. This is not just a clever name: there is a dragon, and it will eat you, and you will die, and then you will have to go through all the birthstone and pinecone bullshit again. Always keep moving!


237 238
234 235 236
230 229 232
231 228
226 225 227
222 221 223


299 300
291 292 298 286 285
290 289   295 284 283 296
288 287 280 281 282
271 270 272
261 262 263 264 252 251 250
260 258 259 265 249 247 248
257 255 256 266 246 244 245
254 253 240 239 241 242 243


273 274 275


Level 2: Magic-user Male Female

Kneel by the willow tree (0). It just gets more obnoxious from here.

Level 3: Evoker Male Female

"Chant glory be to Tashanna" in the temple.

Level 4: Conjurer

The silver altar (24) requires your four birthstones. Unfortunately, nobody knows what these birthstones are, it's completely random AND you can have the same stone fill more than one slot. The best thing to do is start cheap and work up; when you 'offer [stone]' it will say if you hit a birthstone or not, so just use process of elimination.

Level 5: Magician

Say "Fear No Evil" at the dead glade.

Level 6: Mystic

Get each stone and deposit them in the hollow tree stump (18) in the following order:

Level 7: Enchanter

Go to secret shrine (101) and "offer heart and soul to Tashanna."

Level 8: Warlock

Go to the chasm in Dark Cave. Cast "Weewillo" then "Fly." Go north to the Statue of Tashanna. Make sure you have three inventory slots free and "imagine dagger" twice (THUS MAKING TWO DAGGERS THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT). Go east to the pool and "toss dagger in pool." The Watery Tart will give you a sword. Go east, "say legends pass and time goes by but true love will never die." This gives you a golden key. Go back to the statue and north to the blank wall and crevice. "Chant Tashanna" and then "put key in crevice" while it still glows. Go north twice (feel free to play the slot if you have extra garnets) and "put dagger in orb."

Level 9: Sorcerer

"Concentrate Orb" to get a charm, and then "touch orb" to be teleported to the Druid Circle (34). Go to the temple in the village, and "chant Tashanna" five times in a row REALLY REALLY FAST. Cut and paste, if you can. While the altar is still glowing brightly, "put charm on altar."

Level 10: Green Wizard

Go to Strange Rock (27) and "pray" five times very quickly (again, cut and paste) and "put sword in rock" while the mists are still swirling. Take the tiara this gives you to the temple in the village, and "chant Tashanna" five times in a row (very fast) and "place tiara on altar."

Level 11: Blue Wizard

BEFORE YOU GO TO THE LAGOON YOU MUST HAVE THE SPELL "FLYAWAY" OR, IF YOU FEEL LUCKY, "FEELUCK." You can get new spells by making scrolls in the Fountain of Eternal Magic: first, go to the Pine Glade (14) and "get pinecone" six times. Then to to the Fountain (38) and "offer true love to Tashanna" and then "drop pinecone in fountain." Every three pinecones will create a scroll. Of course that scroll ends up God Knows Where in the Forest, so GOOD LUCK. Ugh. Once you have the spells, go to the Lagoon (22), cast "flyaway" and then "fly." This takes you to the Gold Forest. Or, if you're feeling lucky, you can hang out until you get the feeluck spell and it may magically warp you to the Gold Forest. Of course, it also may randomly kill you, so.... Go to the silver garden (199) and "get tulip." Bring the tulip to the Altar of Eternal Sunshine (213). "Cast zapher tulip" to get a wand. Go to the Crystal Tree (201) and "aim wand tree."

Level 12: Red Wizard

Take the wand to the Gateway of Rainbows (204) and "break wand" to get the Kyragem. Go back to the Altar of Eternal Sunshine (213) and "offer kyragem to Tashanna."

Level 13: Grey Wizard

Head back to town and give the Kyragem to the gem cutter. He'll give you a soulstone. BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER YOU MUST HAVE THE SPELL "MAKEMYD." Go BACK to the Golden Forest across the lagoon and head to the Demon Gate (218). Once there, "put soulstone in niche" to open the way to the Castle. Congratulations! You are in the Dragon Castle! Now be warned: this is not just a clever name. There is a dragon in this castle. It will eat you, and you will die, and you will have to start over. DO NOT AFK IN THE CASTLE. RUN ALL THE TIME. IT WILL FOLLOW YOU. That being said, now go to the Chamber of the Body (282). Cast "makemyd" and "jump."

Level 14: White Wizard

Go to the Chamber of the Mind (285) and "answer time."

Level 15: Mage

You thought you had it easy after that last level, didn't you. Here is where it gets a little complicated, particularly because I expect that you are playing alone. You have to be married to get to level 15. The way you do this, since most places running Kyrandia are telnettable, is you create a second account with the opposite gender (I'm assuming this is heteronormative, it's the 80s), and both you and your second account go to the village temple (7 -- 'goto', the teleport spell, is super-helpful here), and you 'marry (CHARACTER NAME).' Tahdah, you are married! So, since you are married, you can now go to the Chamber of the Heart (288), and "offer heart to (CHARACTER NAME OF SPOUSE)". And now that you have this done, congratulations, you are HOME FREE. The rest of this is easymode (provided you can successfully avoid the dragon).

Level 16: Mage of Ice

Go to the Chamber of the Soul (291) and "ignore time."

Level 17: Mage of Wind

Go to the Chamber of Life (295) and "devote."

Level 18: Mage of Fire

Go to the Chamber of Truth (280) and "seek the truth." FAIR WARNING: seeking the truth is a random event trigger. Apparently, you have a 50-50 shot of either hitting level 18 or dying and starting over at level 1. GEE THANKS, KYRANDIA! Man, this writer is such a dbag.

Level 19: Mage of Light

Go to the Hall of Music (252 -- not the same as the Hall of the Bard) and "sing."

Level 20: Arch-Mage

Go to the Hall of Memories (253) and "forget."

Level 21: Arch-Mage of Wands

Go to the Chamber of the Lady (257) and "believe in magic."

Level 22: Arch-Mage of Staves

Go to the Hall of Hearts (255 -- not the same as the Chamber of the Heart from level 15) and "offer love."

Level 23: Arch-Mage of Swords

Go to the Hall of Marble Pillars (264) and "wonder."

Level 24: Arch-Mage of Jewels

Go to the Chamber of the Magic Orb (290) and "believe in fantasy."

Level 25: Arch-Mage of Legends

Go to the Lair of the Dragon (302) and "answer cast the spells and cross the seas, heart, soul, mind, and body are the keys." This is a little tricky, because sometimes it wants the punctuation and sometimes it doesn't; you may also have to have a Dragon Staff on you. Type in exactly what's between the quote marks, and you should be okay. CONGRATULATIONS, you are now an Arch-Mage of Legend! Theoretically, the dragon can't kill you now, but I'm not really hanging around to find out.