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Steampunk Fantasy Panfandom

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Brookhaven is a steampunk fantasy panfandom set in an original world. It allows both canons and ocs, and has a lot of opportunities for plots involving social status, politics, adventures in the rough lands outside the city, and day to day living as well.

Those native to the realm have just come out of a years-long war with neighboring countries and have either been forced to relocate to Brookhaven or make room for those moving in. The economy has taken a hit and is just starting to recover when people from other worlds start to appear and their own king disappears.

Characters who are not from the realm find themselves rudely pulled there while going about their own lives - some are pulled from the very jaws of death while others may simply have been planting a garden. One thing draws them all together - a moment of dizziness and then waking on the Platform of Portals. Once there they must find their way in this new realm, telling their own stories as they see fit.

- No application process - post your bio form and go
- Canons and OCs both
- 5 posts a month posting requirements
- 18+ & 323
- Steampunk Fantasy Panfandom

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